What Rating Would These Mountaineers Be Given By EA Sports?

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

With the announcement of the NCAA Football video game series making its return, we can hardly contain our excitement. Today, we are taking a look at some of the best players on WVU’s roster and predicting what overall rating that EA Sports would place on them.


So, what would our Mountaineers be rated?


  • Leddie Brown (89)
    Of course we would want Leddie to have a higher rating, but EA has a history of shorting players. We feel that an 89 would be what Brown would ultimately be given, with his top overall speed preventing him from cracking 90, but just barely.
  • Jarret Doege (80)

    This would be a score that I feel EA would nail. Doege isn’t the most flashy quarterback in the world nor is he the most talented, but he gets the job done. It’s okay to be average, and that is how I feel the video game would see him.

  • Sam James (77)

    James would be off the charts in terms of speed, but I believe EA would short him on rating due to his history with drops. He also isn’t the biggest receiver in the world, so he wouldn’t necessarily be someone who could go up and get the ball, even on the video game. Just under 80 is where we feel that he would be rated, but honestly, you wouldn’t be able to tell he is lacking in any area, depending on how you would use him in your offense.

  • Tykee Smith (88)

    This is actually a very high rating for a defensive player. Smith would be right up there with Leddie Brown as one of the highest rated players on the team. We also wouldn’t be surprised if Smith was slapped with the “hard hitter” tag in the game.

  • Winston Wright Jr. (90)

    Allow me to explain. As a receiver, we believe Wright would be somewhere in the 70s. However, his speed would make him a very dangerous threat in the return game. The 90 rating would be placed on Wright whenever he is returning kicks, and truthfully, it could easily be higher.

  • Dante Stills (84)

    Of course we believe that Dante is better than this rating, but defensive lineman are never the most recognized players in football video games (unless you are Aaron Donald). This rating seems spot on for Stills.