What’s Up With Les Miles?

(Photo by The Associated Press) 

When Les Miles was hired as the head football coach of the Kansas Jayhawks in 2018, many believed he would be the man to turn around the misfortunes of the worst Power 5 program in America. Fast forward a little over two years later and the hiring is looking like yet another misstep from the Jayhawks.


According to multiple reports, LSU, Miles’ former school, has released documents on an investigation that took place in 2013. In this report, Miles is claimed to have allegedly been banned from “being alone with female students” on top of many other things.

Miles is said to have had several different inappropriate encounters with young females, even suggesting to one that the two of them get a hotel room, per reports. What is possibly the most disturbing aspect of the investigation is that Miles allegedly wanted “attractive” females around his program to help pull in recruits.

For a coach who just finished an 0-9 season, this does not bode well for his future. In today’s political climate, it will be near impossible for Kansas to retain him. Stewart Mandel of The Athletic even suggested that this could be the end for Kansas AD Jeff Long as well.

This is a very messy situation, and The Voice of Motown will bring you updates as soon as they become available.