Where in the World is Spencer Macke?

Morgantown, West Virginia –Sophomore guard Spencer Macke’s appearances into home games last season were treated with laughter and applause, but really, he can contribute to the Mountaineers.

Although he has been noticeably absent on the court through the first five games of the season, he is still on the West Virginia bench, waiting like a rattlesnake ready to strike.

Macke has already become a fan favorite in the WVU Coliseum.  Last season, he was greeted by a standing ovation every time he entered a game and was given numerous screens by teammates to free him for open jumpers and opportunities to score.

Every team has an underdog who works hard in practice and then sits at the end of the bench every game due to a lack of natural talent/athleticism.  For the West Virginia Mountaineers, this is Spencer Macke.  Although it’s really not.

At 5’11 and 170 pounds, he has a very similar build as Jordan McCabe.  McCabe is listed as 6’0 and 188 pounds.  Although McCabe clearly has the advantage as a ball-handler, is he really a better shooter or scorer than Macke?

Spencer Macke is extremely gifted and achieved an incredible amount during his high school career. It’s important to remember that Macke was the top scorer in Kentucky and 10th in the country as a senior in high school, averaging 34.9 points per game.  In addition, he led the state of Kentucky in rebounding as a senior with 15.8 rebounds per game.  He also shot 50.1 percent from the field, 42 percent from 3-point range and 75 percent from the free throw line as a senior in high school.

Spencer Macke loves being a West Virginia Mountaineer and Mountaineer fans love him right back.  Although he only played sparingly and in blowout situations last season, with continued hard work he could potentially see some real game action very soon.

Perhaps today’s game against North Texas will be the sophomore season debut of Spencer Macke.  Although there will be no fans in attendance at the Coliseum, we will all be cheering him on from home.