Who Should Be WVU’s Backup Quarterback?

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

When it comes to the signal-caller position, there is no doubt that the Mountaineers are blessed to have the services of J.T. Daniels. The California native brings confidence, maturity, and and a cool demeanor that every school wants in their quarterback. However, given his history in college, the injury bug hasn’t been so kind to him.

With that being said, whoever Neal Brown decides to have behind him needs to be ready at any minute because, well, anything can happen.

The Mountaineers currently have three other serviceable quarterbacks behind Daniels in Garrett Greene, Will Crowder, and Nicco Marchiol. All three have found the scoreboard this season with each of their scores coming in the 65-7 rout of the Towson Tigers. Crowder and Marchiol both tabbed the 1st passing touchdown of their careers, and Greene tallied the 5 rushing touchdown of his career. All three bring their unique abilities, but they may not all be ready to see the field in case of emergency.

Garrett Greene has constantly been in Neal Brown’s doghouse, but brings the running ability that could make him an issue for opposing defenses. His one flaw comes in the passing game where he has yet to show that he can bring the efficiency to successfully lead the offense.

Nicco Marchiol is tabbed as the program’s future, and rightfully so. He brings running ability, a strong arm, and an “it” factor. However, his inexperience could burden him (and maybe even ruin him) should he be thrown into the fire.

This leads me to my personal answer for the question at hand – Will “Goose” Crowder should be WVU’s backup quarterback. I know, I know…he doesn’t have experience just like Marchiol. He has only seen action in two games, LIU in 2021 and Towson on September 17th. What sets him aside in my mind, however, is just the control he has of the offense.

He has composure, confidence, and great passing skills. The moment that he really set himself above the rest was the 2022 Gold-Blue Spring Game where he had everyone talking with the impressive stats he produced.

Honestly, he is also the closest in skill set to Daniels as well. While his presence in the game wouldn’t bring that of a five-star, it wouldn’t be too far off because of his ability to pick defenses apart.

Nonetheless, let’s just hope we can get through the season and not have to worry about the worst case scenario with Daniels. So far, so good. Let’s keep it that way!

Let’s Go Mountaineers!