Why I love Jordan McCabe

Make no mistake, sophomore guard Jordan McCabe has had a nightmarish season.  In today’s 74-51 blowout win over the Missouri Tigers, McCabe struggled once again, finishing 1-3 from the field with 3 points and a handful of terrible decisions.

For the season, the Mountaineers’ starting point guard is averaging 3.4 points and 1.9 assists per game while shooting 28.6% from the field. He’s also shooting 20.9% from three point range and averaging 1.4 turnovers a game.  In short, the 2019-2020 season has been a tremendous success for the Mountaineers and an outrageous disaster personally for McCabe.

With that said, Jordan McCabe is still a leader for West Virginia and he leads by example. McCabe is always the first player in the gym, the first out of the locker room before games, and most impressively, rather than pouting about his poor performance today, he was back out on the floor today working on his jump shot 10 minutes after the game.

When McCabe wasn’t shooting jumpers, he was taking pictures with kids, signing autographs, representing our state, university and basketball program better than anyone ever has.

Check out McCabe nailing threes after today’s game: