Skyler Howard is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the history of Mountaineer Football. Not only did he give it his all on the field, but he displayed all of the characteristics of a Mountaineer. However, Howard has been the source of a lot of hate from the Mountaineer fanbase, and unjustifiably so. During home games, the Fort Worth native would constantly be booed by the fans, and he was not shy in taking notice to it.

In an interview with the media prior to his Senior Day game against the Baylor Bears in 2016, Howard let it slip that he was not looking forward to the ceremony, due to the fans. When asked about how he felt about the final opportunity to step into Mountaineer Field, Howard responded, “One last opportunity to get booed…” It was at this moment we all realized Howard had noticed what many of us tend to ignore, Mountaineer Nation is incredibly irrational, and often makes a complete fool of themselves.

Howard was open about his hard feelings towards the fanbase, and after what has transpired in recent days, I honestly cannot blame him. Not only is Mountaineer Nation full of cyberbullies, but many included are incredibly closed minded. Instead of taking into account the players and their feelings of playing for our program, they would rather defend a coach who had done what Kerry Martin called “heinous actions,” all while attacking him on social media. They called Martin every derogatory term they could think of, as well as referring to him as “soft.” It was at this moment I realized Howard was right about our fanbase all along.

Not only have fans been cyberbullies to Martin, but also to each other. Should you disagree with one who has been hellbent against Martin’s allegations, watch out, because this mob will come for you too. I myself have received a plethora of hate on social media for taking Martin’s side, and speaking out against the accusations involved in Martin’s statement. Instead of stooping as low as these fellow fans, I have decided to take the high road and considered the value of the counter opinion being given, and ignored them.

So how does all of this tie back to Skyler Howard’s hard feelings for the fanbase? Well, Howard heard the noise and responded. He heard the boos and let the fans know that their actions were not appreciated, and that is exactly what we are doing today.

The way our fanbase has treated Martin has been sickening. Not only are you “fans” attacking our player, but you are displaying what kind of cowards you truly, and to put it bluntly, you are being assholes. Next time before you hit send on your close minded statement towards Kerry Martin Jr., consider that he is not you. He does not have the same feelings and beliefs as you, and you cowards have likely not had it nearly as tough as he has throughout his life. It is time to be better Mountaineer Nation, and I for one am getting sick of our ignorance. Call me the Skyler Howard of fans, because I am not afraid to call you out on what you are doing that is unfair and wrong.