Why Not Garrett Greene, Why Not Now?

Morgantown, West Virginia – Let me preface this by saying there is not a quarterback controversy at West Virginia University and nor should there be.  Junior Jarret Doege has the experience, the confidence and is the undisputed starting quarterback for the Mountaineers.

However, precocious true freshman Garrett Greene is a very valuable player that could provide moments of real productivity for the West Virginia offense this season.  

Take this past Saturday against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, a game the Mountaineers lost largely because they were ineffective offensively.  Late in the second half of the game, one of the ESPN broadcasters mentioned how dangerous the West Virginia offense would be with a mobile quarterback.  With the offense spread, a dynamic running back like Leddie Brown in the backfield and a mobile quarterback behind center, the Mountaineers would be very difficult to stop.

Jarret Doege is many things, but he is not particularly mobile.  In fact, he seems to lumber around a bit in the pocket when it collapses often behind a subpar offensive line.  Most successful college teams use a dual threat quarterback because as the phrase dual threat implies, they are a dual threat.  

Mobile quarterbacks can escape pressure and create plays when the pocket collapses and they have to make thing happen with their feet.  Having a mobile quarterback is particularly important when a team has an average or (or in the case of WVU, a below average) offensive line.  A mobile quarterback adds a whole new dynamic to the West Virginia offense.

West Virginia needs a mobile quarterback this season.  At least at times.

Although Garrett Greene is only a freshman, he is a winner, he has a different level of confidence and spunk than a typical first year player, and he wants to play right now.  Neal Brown, let’s get creative and play the freshman when the offense sputters.  Jarret Doege is the starter, but young Garrett Greene could add a lot to the offense immediately.