Will Grier is Dropping Dimes in Carolina’s Camp

Well this is a sight Mountaineer fans are used to seeing.


If you have logged onto Twitter lately, and you just so happened to follow the Carolina Panthers, chances are you have seen Will Grier dropping dimes in preseason camp.

The former Mountaineer appears to be back in his Morgantown form after a down rookie year in Charlotte. In this video, Grier drops an absolutely beautiful dime to Temarrick Hemingway, a wide receiver for the Panthers.

But wait — there’s more…

The only thing missing in this video is David Sills.

Mimicking a touchdown pass he threw to Sills in 2017 against Kansas State, Grier drops the ball in the corner of the end zone. Giving just enough room for the receiver to get his foot in, that would have been six-points in a live game, and likely would have made the Sportscenter Top 10.


How about one more for good measure?

Grier is simply doing his thing here. There is nobody who throws the fade route better.


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