Will Grier Pays Dana Holgorsen a Visit

(Photo via Dana Holgorsen’s Twitter)


The duo of Will Grier and Dana Holgorsen produced one of the most memorable games in Mountaineer Football history. A 42-41 win over the Texas Longhorns on November 3, 2018 is still talked about by fans to this day. Despite both parties going their separate ways, Holgorsen and Grier still come together on occasion to reminisce.

Yesterday, Dana Holgorsen posted a picture with Grier captioned “still a penalty,” referring to the Horns Down hand gesture Grier is showing.


Fans will remember David Sills was flagged for giving the gesture after scoring during the first half of the game in 2018.

Even though neither Holgorsen or Grier is with the WVU Football program anymore, fans will not be able to help but smile at this picture.

No matter how you feel about him, Dana Holgorsen will forever be a part of Mountaineer Football history.