Winston Wright Jr. is One of Several Players Who “Want to Play”

With cancellations coming in full force across College Football, many players are taking to social media to express their desires to play this upcoming season.

One of those players just happened to be WVU’s Winston Wright Jr.

Last week, the speedy sophomore took to Twitter to simply state that he is “just tryna ball.” Wright would continue that he his faith is “in God,” and that he knows that God will take care of  everything during these uncertain times.

Many more players across the Big Ten and ACC have also spoken out in support of playing this season.

Clemson’s Heisman Trophy favorite quarterback Trevor Lawrence would also tweet his desire to play this season. Lawrence would say “I don’t know about y’all, but we want to play.”


Simple — yet powerful. Players are working tirelessly, with their hearts set on getting to compete in the upcoming season. Despite his superstar status, Lawrence is not above sharing his desire to close out his Clemson career in the way he always wanted to….playing.

Penn State’s football team swarmed social media today pleading with those following them and in the media that they also want to play:


Call me crazy, but I believe the player’s voices are more important than anyone else’s. They know how much football means to everyone, and they are willing to take the risk to play the sport they love.

Yes, we need to listen to the experts, but how about we listen to the kids who put everything they have into this sport.

They want to play, and we want a season.