Wren Baker Gives Update on Bob Huggins

West Virginia University’s director of athletics, Wren Baker, appeared on “Three Guys Before the Game” and he discussed a wide array of topics.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Earlier today, Wren Baker, the director of athletics at West Virginia University, made an appearance on Three Guys Before the Game, a podcast covering West Virginia athletics. During the interview, Hoppy Kercheval asked a variety of difficult-to-answer questions to the new athletics director and Wren Baker handled it very professionally.

Among the difficult questions Baker was asked was the one about Bob Huggins, who was fined $1 million and suspended for 3 games during the upcoming season after making a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati radio show.

Kercheval asked, “Is he (Huggins) following through and dotting all of the Is and crossing the Ts in regards to Huggins’ pledge to ‘do better’ by meeting with the university’s LGTBQ+ members and taking sensitivity classes?”

Baker replied, “He is. I don’t know the exact count to date, but I think he’s already had over a half-dozen meetings with different organizations and individuals who are associated with the LGTBQ+ community. He has been very aggressive in trying to get those meetings scheduled. He’s been all over it. Coach Huggins has been really diligent in making sure he’s following through with that.”

Kercheval pressed further, asking, “When this all happened, I’m sure you heard from alumni and fans saying to get rid of Huggins, some said there was nothing wrong with what he did, and so I’m sure you had a range of opinions. Were any alumni saying, ‘Fire him?’ At any point, was his job on the line?”

“Yeah, I think all viewpoints were expressed and considered,” Baker said. “We heard from all ranges on what people thought should happen. We listened and entered those decisions with an open mind so all options were on the table.”

Kercheval continued: “Was firing on the table when you started those discussions?”

Baker replied, “I think all options were on the table.”

Check out the full interview on 3 Guys Before the Game Podcast.