WVU Basketball Versus Jalen Bridges HEATS UP

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia’s men’s basketball official Twitter account released a graphic yesterday evening that said, “I got loyalty inside my DNA” featuring returning players Kedrian Johnson, Janes Okonkwo, Jamel King, Seth Wilson and Kobe Johnson.

The graphic was attempting to celebrate the players who the basketball program believes are loyal to the West Virginia Mountaineers, but it could have also been perceived as a slight against the players who left the team, particularly Jalen Bridges, who has been accused of being not loyal by West Virginia fans over the last week.

Bridges, a Fairmont, West Virginia native who recently transferred to Big 12 rival Baylor. Bridges explained that leaving West Virginia was one of the hardest decisions of his life but felt that transferring to Baylor gave him the best chance of one day playing in the NBA, which is his lifelong dream.

In response to the graphic, or perhaps in response to the negativity that he’s faced over the last several days, Bridges responded by simply saying “⛽️ to the 🔥”, suggesting that the hate and negativity only makes him hungrier and more motivated.

It’s certainly going to be interesting when Bridges returns home to play inside the WVU Coliseum for the first time as an opponent for the Baylor Bears!