WVU Coliseum Parking Solution

The recent renovations within the WVU Coliseum are outstanding, the product on the court is one of the best in the nation, the coach is one of the most accomplished ever, and there aren’t many better places to watch college basketball than in Morgantown, West Virginia.

With that said, the parking situation is a complete mess and I’m just the guy to clean it up.  As the Voice of West Virginia, I speak for the people of our great state and my no-nonsense, clear-minded approach is just what West Virginia University needs to fix its most obvious problem.

Parking along a busy highway, in muddy ditches and illegally in nearby business parking lots in order to see the West Virginia Mountaineers basketball team play will soon be a thing of the past.

Working with a reputable and highly respected architectural firm, I designed a blueprint for the WVU Coliseum parking lot and this brain child of mine will finally fix the traffic problems at the Coliseum.

Without getting into the details and specifics too much, the plans involve a multi (5)-story parking garage in what is now the land near Krepps Park, located just across the street from the Coliseum.  The garage will be attached to a pedestrian bridge that will run over Monongahela Boulevard and straight into the Coliseum.

While the city of Morgantown owns Krepps Park, there is plenty of room to build a large parking garage in the land near the park, which is owned by West Virginia University.  The pedestrian bridge is key because it will alleviate the foot traffic coming to and leaving from the Coliseum, which is a massive part of the current problem.

My blueprint for the new parking structure and bridge system, as well as my thoughts on other improvements to the Coliseum, have been submitted to West Virginia University’s Athletic Direction Shane Lyons.  Lyons, who has been a forward-thinker with his renovations and facility upgrades all over campus, would be wise to move forward with this obvious, easy-to-fix, permanent solution.

We have one of the best college basketball products in the country and it’s time to make it accessible to everyone.