WVU Could Owe Shane Lyons A Lot of Money

(Photo by WVU Athletics)


West Virginia Athletic Director Shane Lyons was forced to resign yesterday, according to a story first broke by Hoppy Kerchival of MetroNews.

Lyons, who has been WVU’s athletic director since 2015, was let go mostly due to his extension of Neal Brown that will ultimately cost the university nearly $20 million.

Now, the university could also owe Lyons a large amount of cash.

With his firing unlikely being due to something unlawful, the university will owe Lyons his remaining contract, totaling roughly $3.724 million, according to a report by WVNews. Lyons was contracted through 2026, with a salary of $895,000 in 2023 and $931,000 for the remaining years.

WVU is expected to “act quickly” hiring a replacement for Lyons.