WVU Has Finally Given Season Ticket Holders Answers

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Yesterday, the WVU Athletic Department finally provided season ticket holders with the answers they have been waiting for.

In an email sent to holders, the ticket office explains that season tickets are officially off the table for the 2020 season. Instead, holders who have completely paid off their balance this year will be given multiple options to choose from.


The money can be gifted to the Mountaineer Athletic Club entirely, and holders will receive 100 priority points in return. Next, the funds can be completely put towards 2020 single game tickets (though none will be guaranteed to be allowed to have attendance), and the holder will receive 50 priority points. The final option will allow holders to convert their funds to go towards the 2021 season, or donate a portion to the Mountaineer Athletic Club and receive the rest as a refund. For this, 25 priority points will be earned.


Holders will also have the choice to receive a full refund, but will receive no priority points for the 2020 season.

If no options are selected by September 15th, the 2020 funds will automatically be put towards 2021 season tickets.

All details in this article are per the WVU Athletic Department

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