WVU or Marshall? Who is the Best Team in the State Right Now?

One popular Twitter account listed who they think is the best College Football team in every state. Who took West Virginia?


Morgantown, WV – The Friends of Coal Bowl has not been played in over a decade, but this has not kept WVU and Marshall fans from going at it. The fire between the two schools has only been stirred up with a recent tweet by Big Game Boomer.

BGB shared their list for the best College Football team in every state in America. While many would expect West Virginia University to be included on this list, they weren’t.

According to the account, Marshall is the best College Football team in the state of West Virginia.

The account didn’t stop there, though. Big Game Boomer even went as far to predict how a matchup between Marshall and WVU would go today.

“Marshall would beat West Virginia by 3 touchdowns if they played tomorrow.”

Not a lot of praise for WVU from a Twitter account that has compiled a large following.

What do you think of Big Game Boomer’s thoughts on College Football in West Virginia? Who is the best team in the state?

(Photo by WVU Athletics)