(Photo by Stephen Spillman - Statesman)

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Saturday’s contest against Texas is a pivotal game for the Mountaineers. Win it, and they have a legitimate chance at making the Big 12 Championship Game. Lose, and well, it’s just another “rebuilding” year. While we can sit here and talk game plan against the Longhorns all day long, there is one thing that West Virginia must ABSOLUTELY AVOID during the game – that is flashing the “Horns Down” hand gesture.

It is no secret, the Mountaineers love some Horns Down. However, with Big 12 referees being quick to call a penalty on a player who flashes the gesture, it is not worth letting them fly. That is during regulation at least.

If the Mountaineers plan on bringing home a victory tomorrow, they have to play a clean game. Avoidable penalties such as an unsportsmanlike conduct foul just cannot happen, especially against Texas. The team has to put itself in the best position possible, and handing Texas 15-yards here and there just will not cut it.

After the game, if we win (and even if we don’t) players can flash “Horns Down” to their heart’s content. Until then, it’s business as usual, and hopes of a second straight top 25 victory in Austin.

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