WVU Should Use a Red Zone Package for Garrett Greene Against Oklahoma

Since joining the Big 12 in 2012, WVU has played Oklahoma eight times, and has left all eight contests with a loss. If we’re being honest, the Sooners are just a far superior team to West Virginia, both physically and schematically. If the Mountaineers hope to pull off the improbable on Saturday, they need to pull some rabbits out of their hat.

The Mountaineers will move the ball against the Sooners, and when they do so, they need to convert in the red zone. Oklahoma has been solid defensively in 2020, and will know exactly what they are getting out of Jarret Doege on Saturday, particularly in the red zone. Doege does not possess a running threat, giving the Sooners one less dimension to cover when he they are hard pressed for ground on their side of the field.

Designing a red zone package for Garrett Greene, primarily utilizing his legs, and possibly his arm, could do just enough to throw Oklahoma off when they are trying to prevent a West Virginia score. Though Doege has played solid football in the red zone this season, Greene could be the “it” factor that the Mountaineers need to push them over the Sooners.

Oklahoma will get theirs on offense, and it is imperative that the Mountaineers do the same. Mountaineer Nation is craving a win over Oklahoma, and any wrinkle that will give them that victory needs to be used. Neal Brown has shown he’s not afraid to get creative, and it is creativity with Greene when the team is in scoring position that could help West Virginia get seven instead of three in what is easily their biggest game of the year.

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