WVU’s Signing Day Video is Amazing

(Photo by Brad Tollefson – Associated Press) 

It has become a trend in College Football for each school to welcome commits on signing day in their own unique way. Today, WVU put their own twist on it on social media, giving Coach Neal Brown the opportunity to welcome each individual player to Morgantown.

The video above features new quarterback commit, Will “Goose” Crowder.” This is the format being used for each commit. The video begins with the player landing in Morgantown, and immediately informing Coach Brown that they are now in town. A montage of Morgantown, and the best moments of this season then begin. The video concludes with Neal Brown welcoming the player, coming out of his office to greet him in a flashy golden jacket.

Watch the video in the tweet above, and check out the others on Neal Brown’s Twitter page.