WVU’s Weak Media Refuses to Ask Neal Brown the Obvious Question

Morgantown, West Virginia – They had him right where they wanted him.  Neal Brown, at the center of enormous internet speculation and rumors, sat down with the media today for the Big 12 Teleconference.  Obviously, you’d think, they would ask him about his interest in the vacant South Carolina head coach position.  And yet, the weak, lame, neutered West Virginia media members decided not to ask Neal Brown the only question that anyone cares about.  

West Virginia’s media once again proved that they are so terrified of losing favor with West Virginia University administrators that they buried their heads in the sand and instead asked the same old questions about the upcoming opponent Iowa State.

West Virginia “journalists”, clinging desperately to their jobs with white-knuckled grips, are the only media pool in the world that would ignore such a question.  Asking this question is not only appropriate, it should be expected. If asked, Brown would have the option of giving the standard “I’m only focused on my team right now” answer, or he could have immediately squashed the rumors and pledged his allegiance to West Virginia.

The obvious question that is begging to be asked, of course, is: “Brad, why don’t you ask the question, then?”

Fair enough.  West Virginia University is very shady, as evidenced by their handling of the Vic Koenning firing and the aftermath following it. They will do whatever it takes to keep things status quo and to not rock the boat in any way.

The idea of Brad Smith in a press conference asking their head coaches real questions is terrifying and it will never happen.  I’ve learned to accept that (after fighting it for years) and ultimately it doesn’t affect my productivity or my business.

But I digress.  The point is, we still don’t know whether Neal Brown is interested in the South Carolina position or not, and we only have the West Virginia media to blame for it.