Admit It, This Was a Bad Loss for Neal Brown

(Photo by Ben Queen - USA Today)

No more excuses, this loss was simply bad. I understand that WVU was quite literally set back after the 2018 season, but this is ridiculous. We are in year two of a rebuild, and the team is honestly making no progress.

You are playing one of the worst teams in the Big 12, and you literally hand the game away? That is inexcusable, and a sign of a poorly coached team. A feat that I am 100% convinced the Mountaineers fall under right now.

If they’re not shooting themselves in the foot, they are failing to execute and sputtering out. When the defense comes up with a big play, the offense goes out and chokes away an opportunity. Absolutely nothing is gelling together for the Mountaineers right now, and that falls on the shoulders of Head Coach Neal Brown.

WVU’s 34-27 loss to Texas Tech was bad, and easily the worst loss of Neal Brown’s tenure so far. Losses like this are supposed to come in year one of a new coaching staff, not year two. If you take the Mountaineers’ production from game one to game five, they honestly seem to have made no improvements in any area.

The receivers are dropping easy passes, and the team is committing frustrating penalties. Penalties that would even make a preacher cuss. These errors have to be fixed in practice. The coaching staff has to assume responsibilities and fix the problem, and they just aren’t doing that right now.

Admit it, this loss was bad for Neal Brown. It was bad for the coaching staff, and overall bad for the Mountaineer program. It is hard to Trust the Climb right now, and the loss has in all likelihood set us back another year. We are all experiencing several emotions right now, but one is consistent – we are all pissed off.

Bad game, bad coaching, just bad everything. I feel like we say this a lot as Mountaineer fans, but onto the next one.

This one will take a little bit to get over…