Brad Howe Makes Compelling Case for John Beilein as the Next Head Coach at WVU

Brad Howe, the co-host of the Citynet Statewide Sportsline, made a very compelling case for the return of John Beilein as the next head coach at West Virginia University. 

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Multiple names have been batted around as potential replacements for Bob Huggins as the next head coach at West Virginia University, but one name that continues to gain heat is former Mountaineers’ head coach, John Beilein.

Brad Howe, the co-host of Sportsline and former WVU Assistant Athletic Director, made a very compelling case for Beilein to return to West Virginia on today’s show. Here’s what Howe had to say:

“How many coaches out there can you say are a better coach than John Beilein? Five? Less than five. I’ll just say five. Proven successful head coach, fits the school…if you have a John Beilein, who is the same age as a Bob Huggins and on a one or two year situation, can you fund raise around that? You’ve got some talent amassed already that are waiting to see what happens. You have the talent and you bring in an elite X and O guy.

What Beilein didn’t have when he was here before was his NBA experience (Beilein now works for the Detroit Pistons as a Senior Player Development Advisor) and he not only has credibility for what he’s done and accomplished, he can also explain to West Virginia’s current players what to do to get to the NBA. I can’t find a box that he doesn’t check.”

See the full video below from MetroNews: