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I want to begin this with a simple question – what the actual hell?

According to Heartland College Sports, a website named “Bet Online” released its odds for which Big 12 head coach is likely to get the boot first. Surprisingly, Neal Brown found himself high on this list.

WVU’s Brown was given the third highest odds to be the first Big 12 coach fired at 3/2. Above him was Texas’ Tom German at 8/5, and Texas Tech’s Matt Wells at 5/2.

Even Les Miles – who has completely fallen on his face right out of the gate at Kansas –  is not as likely to be the first Big 12 HC fired.  Of course, these numbers mean absolutely nothing, but the fact that outsiders are so willing to give up on Neal Brown with the Mountaineers so soon is certainly concerning.

We can tell you Brown is not the worst coach on this list – not even close. These odds were simply created to get people betting and talking. My advice? Do not – and I repeat, DO NOT – bet on Neal Brown to be the first Big 12 coach fired.

For goodness sakes, he is just now getting started in the Mountain State. The Climb has only begun, and this nonsensical talk will come to an end soon enough.

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