Dana Holgorsen to Exiting Big 12 Member: “Screw Them”

Houston Head Coach Dana Holgorsen held back no punches when speaking of Texas.

Houston, TX – Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last year, it is well known that 2023 will be Texas’ last season in the Big 12. Coaches from all around the Big 12, and even the conference’s commissioner himself, Brett Yorkmark, have not held back about their true feelings regarding Texas.

On Tuesday night, Houston Head Coach Dana Holgorsen shared a not so favorable review of the Longhorns in a Q&A with fans.

Trey Wallace with Outkick shared some incredible quotes from Holgorsen earlier this evening.

When asked about Texas and Texas A&M enjoying Houston in the Big 12 Conference (if they were still members), Holgorsen snapped back with a remark completely disregarding both programs.

“You can have that opinion about Texas and Texas A&M if you want to, but they are the reasons we weren’t in the Big 12. Those two were specific reasons why we been in the Big 12 the last 28 years. Screw them. They can go wherever they want. They don’t want us, and we don’t want them. So move on.”

Holgorsen and the Cougars welcome the Longhorns to TDECU Stadium on October 21st for what should surely be an entertaining matchup following those quotes.

(Photo by Houston Athletics)