Embarrassing Video Show Neal Brown Doesn’t Get It

Morgantown, West Virginia – Prior to the start of the Backyard Brawl between the West Virginia Mountaineers and Pitt Panthers, the two head coaches of the teams met at midfield for a quick pre-game chat.

After shaking hands, Pitt’s head coach, Pat Narduzzi, asked Brown, “Are you ready for this?”

Brown, coaching in his first Backyard Brawl, responded sheepishly and in his awe-shucks demeanor by saying, “All this buildup for one game?”

Anyone familiar with the rivalry knows that it’s far more than just one game and it highlights how little Brown understands of the significance of the matchup with Pitt.

West Virginia went on to lose to Pitt after Brown made a controversial call to punt the ball on 4th and inches while ahead 31-24 and with all of the momentum. Pitt scored two consecutive touchdowns after that decision to win, 38-31.

Check out the entire pre-game conversation between Brown and Narduzzi below: