ESPN Announcers Were Right Today, Jarret Doege Shouldn’t Be Playing

Morgantown, West Virginia – Throughout today’s embarrassing, humiliating loss against Oklahoma State, ESPN announcers questioned multiple times why Jarret Doege was still in the game, saying he lacks mobility and that he doesn’t see the field well.

This is something that is abundantly transparent that it’s stunning that West Virginia head coach Neal Brown doesn’t see it, or refuses to acknowledge.

If Doege has all the time in the world in the pocket, like he did last week against Iowa State, he’s a reasonably effective quarterback.  When he faces any pressure at all, he’s one of the least productive quarterbacks in the entire nation.  His lack of mobility and horrific pocket presence makes it impossible for the offense to be successful.

Doege, who finished the game 16/23 for 116 yards, 0 touchdowns and 1 interception, is a fifth-year starting quarterback who is still trying to figure out the college game.  His incredible amount of experience should be helpful, but it’s almost as if he hasn’t learned a thing during his 42 games as a starter.

Although West Virginia still has an opportunity to become bowl eligible with two wins in their final three games, this is a lost season and playing Doege another down for the remainder of the games just doesn’t make any sense.

It’s time – it’s been time for while now- for West Virginia to prepare for a future without Jarret Doege as the quarterback.  Another year of this will not only hurt the football program, it could also cost Neal Brown his job.

Is Brown’s blind allegiance to his starting quarterback worth that?