Former Marshall Player Calls West Virginia Fans “Clowns”

Morgantown, West Virginia – During Best Virginia’s win over Herd That, a Marshall Alumni team, last night, Ot Elmore, a former Marshall player, took to social media to express his thoughts on social media about the treatment that his family received during the game.

Elmore, a Charleston, West Virginia native, unleashed on West Virginia fans, saying, “Y’all WVU fans are some clowns. Giving mine and my brother Jon Elmore’s family tough times (during the game). Those dudes in Blue and Gold (Best Virginia players) couldn’t care less about you.”

Elmore continued, “We are the ones who went to the same schools, used the same gyms, ate at the same restaurants, etc. Just local guys trying to do something special. Craziness man.”

Elmore went on to say that if anyone wants to say something about his wife with him around, he would personally take care of the situation. “With that in mind, say some sh*t to my wife with me around and we will see what’s what.”

Elmore posted the following message on Twitter this morning after receiving many colorful messages from West Virginia fans: “To the WVU fans still in my DMs and mentions, I hope you all have a blessed day.”