Former WVU Player Threatens to Beat Dan Dakich Up

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Yesterday, Dan Dakich, who was the head basketball coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers for 8 days, posted a comment about Drew Schfino, a former West Virginia basketball player, and it didn’t go over well for Schfino.

Schfino, who played for the Mountaineers from 2001-2004, said that if he sees Dakich out, he’ll “put him in the ICU.” This after Dakich said that a New York Post article reminded him of the time that “the crazy Schfino family showed up in his WVU office.”

Schfino, in now-deleted posts on X, claimed that Dakich was a “racist bigot” and was terrified when Schfino, accompanied by his father and uncles, showed up to speak with Dakich at his office at West Virginia.

Dakich claims that Schfino brought his “uncles”, that he kicked him off the team for not working out, that John Beilein also kicked him off the team, and that he’s just an overall “soft” person. Schfino has since deleted all of his messages back and forth with Dakich, but he repeatedly referred to him as a racist bigot and said that Dakich dislikes the current Indiana head basketball coach, Mike Woodson, because he’s black.

Read the replies from Dan Dakich below: