Gee to Eilert: “Win the National Championship and You’ll Get A Year Extension”

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Gordon Gee, the geriatric President of West Virginia University, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Daily Anthenaeum, the university’s student-run newspaper. Gee touched on a variety of topics, including the budget deficit at West Virginia, the downsizing and elimination of programs, Bob Huggins and much more.

Gee, 79, also commented on current basketball (interim) head coach Josh Eilert and the future of the Mountaineers’ basketball program. “Well, I told our basketball coach, if he wins the national championship, we’ll extend him another year,” Gee said. “I think that he is an interim coach, but I will say, he has hired a young staff, and they’ve been doing great things. And I have high hopes that they’re going to do very well. But you know, our intent is to hire a permanent basketball coach at the end of the season.”

So essentially, despite Eilert and his staff’s best efforts after a tumultuous offseason, they will only be retained if they win the national championship. This, of course, is completely unrealistic and unfair to the current coaching staff. The Mountaineers have a very talented roster and could certainly compete for a Big 12 Championship and make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, but making the statement that it’s “win it all or be replaced” is setting this hard-working group of coaches up for failure.

Gee continues to show just how out of touch he is with the West Virginia fanbase, which almost universally loves the current staff and appreciates their efforts. If Eilert and staff are able to put together a successful season by competing well in conference play and making the NCAA Tournament, Gee would be wise to consider extending the staff instead of going through yet another disastrous head coaching search. West Virginia has a young, dedicated coaching staff who can lead the Mountaineers to success now and for many years to come if given the opportunity.