Geno Smith Deserves Nothing But Praise


Photo Courtesy Andrew Theodorakis / The New York Daily News


The Mountaineer great was drafted 39th overall by the New York Jets in the 2013 NFL Draft. From there, it’s been everything except for sunshine and rainbows for Geno. In his rookie season, he led New York to an 8-8 record and, to this day, is the only rookie to beat Tom Brady. But, things just never panned out for him with the Jets. But lets be honest, does any talented young QB get the developmental attention while playing for the Jets?

Geno then went to the Giants for one season (2017) as a back-up role, then to the Chargers for the same role (2018), and now he is stepping in as QB1 for Seattle Seahawks, who he has been a part of since 2019.

It is evident that Geno’s career hasn’t been what we all expected it to be. But his drive and passion has been nothing but admirable. He has continued to work hard and that has allowed him to keep his spot on rosters. Now, at age 31, he is participating in an indirect try-out to be a full time starter on an NFL team next season.

He made his first start since 2017 last night on Sunday Night Football against Pittsburgh. His stat line: 23/32 209 yards, 1 TD, fumble. Seattle lost in overtime 23-20.

Geno played good. And that isn’t my WVU fan bias saying that. He played better than many QBs who have legit starting jobs. Geno still has what he had at West Virginia. He just hasn’t had a real opportunity. Now he’s getting it. And he is making the most of it.

Geno’s performance will be and is getting unfairly overshadowed by his fumble in his own territory in overtime. He found a hole in the defense, was running for the first down, and TJ Watt jarred the ball loose. Watt is the best defensive player in the AFC. He single handedly won the Steelers that game. If you go to Geno’s latest Instagram post, check the comments, you will be disgusted by the things people are telling him. He gave Seattle every chance to win that game. Geno slander is UNFAIR and should not be happening right now.

Geno Smith has been the epitome of a Mountaineer since he has entered the NFL. Tough, gritty, determined, and purposeful. He is bringing those qualities into Seattle, and their fans need to realize it.