Geno Smith is Proving He Belongs in the NFL

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

He’s back, folks. One of the most prolific quarterbacks in WVU history, Geno Smith, is making the most of his second chance in the NFL.

Following Russell Wilson’s departure from Seattle, Geno Smith beat out Drew Lock for the starting quarterback position in Seattle. During the first four games, Smith has led the Seahawks to a 2-2 record and has accumulated some of the best stats in the league.

In fact, Geno is currently leading the entire NFL in completion percentage (77.3%) and has the highest completion percentage (minimum of 125 attempts) by a quarterback in his first four games of a season in NFL history.

Should he continue on this trend, I have no doubt that we may begin to even hear rumblings of Smith for MVP honors. Of course, this may seem far fetched, but stranger things have happened in football.

The quarterback we all know and once loved has returned, ladies and gentlemen. Geno Smith is proving that he has always belonged in the league! Just like we always knew he did.