Get to Know the Staff – Clark Johnson (Senior Football Writer)

What’s Your Name?
Clark Johnson

How Old Are You?
24-Years Old

Where Are You From?

Hinton, West Virginia 

Single or Married?


Best Dating Advice For Your Younger Self?


Pet Peeve?

Favortism. Nothing will turn me against a place or person faster.

Favorite Social Media App?

The only correct answer is Twitter.

Least Favorite Social Media App?

Either Snapchat or Instagram. I hate the vanity.

Favorite Food?

The least hot flavor of wings you got.

Favorite Movie?

Mrs. Doubtfire. Robin Williams was a legend.

Favorite Song?

Purple Rain by Prince. He’s the best to ever do it & if you disagree, you’re wrong.

Favorite Book?

Tales From the West Virginia Sideline by Don Nehlen.

How Long Have You Been a WVU Fan?

15 years. My first game was on November 8, 2007. We beat Louisville 38-31.

Favorite Mountaineer Memory?

My best friend and I got Will Grier to stop during a Mantrip and take a selfie with us. That was pretty special.

All-Time Favorite WVU Player?

Geno Smith was a special player to me. He was the first Mountaineer I ever met.

Worst WVU Memory?

Losing to Oklahoma State in 2018, 45-41. It cost us a Big 12 Championship spot. Worst part about it was an ice storm came through and knocked our power out, so we bought gas for the generator just so we could watch the game. It was all-around miserable.

Do You Trust the Climb?

Neal Brown isn’t a bad coach, but ask me this in September.

Thoughts on Bob Huggins?

Honestly, I’m not a basketball guy. I don’t care about the game. I’ll root for the team, but I’m not really qualified to have an opinion on Huggins.

Last Words for the People?

Some of the best advice I could ever give – if something is making you miserable, never be afraid to walk away. Jobs, relationships, just anything. You only get one trip on this rock, and it shouldn’t be spent wishing your circumstances were different. Make the change necessary. Do it for your mental health. Put you first. It’s okay to be selfish on occasion.