Hard to Not Be Mad at Bob Huggins Right Now

After losing three of its top players earlier today, it’s difficult not to shift the blame to Bob Huggins.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — After Tre Mitchell, Kerr Kriisa and Joe Toussaint, three of West Virginia’s most valuable players have decided to leave the basketball program and enter the transfer portal, it’s difficult to not put the blame where it ultimately belongs…

On Bob Huggins. Huggins, 69, was arrested for DUI and forced to resign from his position as the head coach at West Virginia University, his alma mater and place he loves so much. While I respect and admire what Huggins accomplished during his glorious career, the way in which he went out is hard to digest.

Huggins made a tremendously horrible decision to drink and drive, and there are far-reaching consequences for his actions. Not just for him and his family but for an entire state and fanbase. Huggins’ selfishness and poor decision-making could likely cost the basketball program the one thing that he desired so much, which is a national championship, or the very least a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

West Virginians and fans of the program had so much to look forward to with the upcoming basketball season and now, it’s crumbling right before our own eyes. Huggins built something special and now he is solely responsible for its falling apart.