Huge Bob Huggins Update

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Bob Huggins, who was arrested, charged with DUI and resigned as the head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers over the summer, is now in “good spirits”, according to his close friend and UMASS head coach Frank Martin.

Martin, who was an assistant coach under Huggins, spoke to The Field of 68 show and gave the first real update on Huggins since his arrest.

“He’s going to get back on that saddle. He’s clean. He hasn’t had a drink since that day. One day he’ll speak about exactly what transpired. It’s not my place to put that out there, but it’s more complicated than the story that got out by people that just saw the end result. And it’s sad. But he’s in great spirits. He’s lost weight, he’s energetic, he’s good for the game, he’s good for people, he’s in a great place right now. We have some guys that are doing some things that are really against the rules – not that what he did wasn’t against the rules – but that was self-inflicted. What all wanted him to get help and he’s got that. His help came from this unfortunate situation, but he’s in a great place health-wise, spirtually, you can just feel it over the phone. I’m bringing him back and he’s going to run practice for our team. The guys think I’m bad? Wait until they have Huggs running pratice!”

It’s unclear if Martin was serious about Huggins actually running practice, but what is clear is that Bob Huggins isn’t done with college basketball and will likely attempt a comeback in the very near future.

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