Huggins’ Final Year if Mountaineers Win It All?

Morgantown, West Virginia – Bob Huggins has nothing left to prove in college basketball. The only thing he has left to accomplish is winning a national championship.

The Voice of Motown’s own Clark Johnson asked the following question earlier today on social media:  “If Bob Huggins wins a national championship this season, does he retire?”

Huggins’ only remaining goal is to win a championship for the state of West Virginia, and he has become increasingly frustrated with the rules and regulations of the NCAA.

When Oscar Tshiebwe decided to leave the Mountaineers for “personal reasons” and ended up transferring to Kentucky, Huggins was visibly upset and disappointed that players have the ability to leave a school midway through a season without any real penalty.

At 67 years old, Huggins is likely starting to long for the days of no longer dealing with the grind of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a major college basketball program.

Former West Virginia assistant basketball coach and close Huggins’ personal friend, Billy Hahn, thinks Huggins would retire if the Mountaineers are able to win it all this season.

Hahn replied, “Yes” to Clark Johnson’s social media post.

While this is far from 100% proof that Huggins would retire following a championship, Hahn certainly knows him well.

Don’t be surprised if Huggins wins it all, that he walks away into the sunset as one of the greatest coaches of all time, accomplishing the one thing that he wanted to more than anything else…a national championship for the state of West Virginia.