Insider: West Virginia Has One of the Best Starting Lineups in the Nation

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Trilly Donovan, who has become one of the top college basketball insiders online, has ranked West Virginia as the 2nd best class in the transfer portal this season.

The Mountaineers ranked only behind Kansas, who has completely retooled their entire roster, adding Hunter Dickinson, Nick Timberlake, Arterio Morris and other top players in the portal. West Virginia added Jose Perez, Kerr Kriisa, RaeQuan Battle, Jeremiah Bembry, Quinn Slazinski and Akok Akok in the transfer portal since last season.

In addition to naming the Mountaineers one of the top transfer classes, Donovan also said West Virginia will have one of the top starting lineups in the nation. “WVU will have one of the best starting fives in the country and four of them are transfers. Jesse Edwards is elite around the rim and I really hope RaeQuan Battle gets his waiver because people will fall in love with his game.”