Instant Reaction Following West Virginia’s Loss at Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma – The West Virginia Mountaineers dropped their 14th out of their last 15 games in a row, falling to 14-16 overall and 3-14 in Big 12 Conference play. This is certainly not the season that Bob Huggins or anyone in the West Virginia fanbase expected from this team this year.

Effort doesn’t appear to be the problem.   

There have been very few times this season where the Mountaineers have just completely given up. They play hard and overall, effort doesn’t seem like it’s the problem with this team. But it’s difficult to remember a time that a West Virginia team looked like they were having less fun than this current team.

There’s zero passion, zero anger about losing so many games in a row, and the pride that Bob Huggins’ teams have shown in the past just isn’t there.

Do we really hope Sean McNeil returns next season?  

What exactly has happened to Sean McNeil? He’s one of the worst defenders on the team (in the conference?), but his lights-out shooting in the past made up for his poor defensive play.

However, McNeil continues to struggle to make shots and he’s still a terrible defender. McNeil is 15-48 (31%) in his last six games and he just doesn’t look like the same player that he was last season and at the beginning of this season.

McNeil, a senior, has one more year of eligibility remaining, but he doesn’t look like he even wants to be out there playing anymore.

Bright spot(s) on the court.  

Difficult to find a real bright spot on this team right now, but Seth Wilson at least looks like he belongs, even when he’s missing shots. The same can be said for Kobe Johnson. Wilson, Johnson, and major offseason improvements from Jalen Bridges (confidence, intensity) and Isaiah Cottrell (confidence, intensity, rebounding, shooting, post play and defense) is at least something.   

Bob Huggins has a lot of work to do in the offseason, but Johnson, Wilson, Bridges and Cottrell is a start to something.