It’s Time For Kirk Herbstreit to Pay Up

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Over the summer, ESPN commentator/analyst Kirk Herbstreit appeared on The Pat McAfee Show, and West Virginia’s football schedule was discussed in-depth.

As they went through the schedule, McAfee, who is a former West Virginia kicker/punter, said that every game looked like a win for the Mountaineers. Herbstreit, however, had a very different take, saying that West Virginia would likely win 2-3 games on the season. Herbstreit went on to say, “If West Virginia wins more than 6 games, then I’ll do anything you want, Pat.”

Although they didn’t shake on it and it wasn’t an official bet, Herbstreit did say that he would do “anything”, and a donation to Country Roads Trust seems to be an excellent compromise. Herbstreit, who is reportedly worth $12 million, could easily afford a large donation to West Virginia’s NIL collective.

Yesterday, Herbstreit posted the interaction he had with McAfee over the summer, saying, “Hahahahah. Hoped you forgot about that big fella. Congrats on a magical season.”

West Virginia’s director of athletics, Wren Baker, had another idea. He suggested that Herbstreit should do some manual labor to pay off his debt to McAfee. “Uh oh, Kirk Herbstreit about to be mowing Pat McAfee’s yard all summer?”

It’s unclear how Herbstreit expects to pay up on his bet, but he absolutely should face some sort of penalty for doubting the Mountaineers this season!