It’s Time to Ditch Doege and Start the Garrett Greene Experiment

Morgantown, West Virginia – It’s time for Neal Brown to bench Jarret Doege and give the team over to Garrett Greene. In fact – it’s way past time.

Doege, a fifth year senior, has had his fair share of chances to put the team in the right direction. To say he’s failed to do this is an understatement. Right now, as we head into our bye-week, we’re 2-3, 0-3 in the BIG 12, and sitting comfortably at the bottom conference.

In a season that many WVU fans came into believing that the Climb may be nearing its end, we instead find ourselves further down than we thought. While it is easy to blame Neal Brown (and it certainly is easy), Doege has been unremarkable in literally every way possible. His mediocrity has come at the cost of the team, who has unfortunately taken on his uninspiring identity. But there’s an easy fix, and we saw it for a couple moments during our shoot out with Oklahoma.

Hand the keys to the team over to Garrett Greene.

We saw the electricity and high intensity Greene, and the rest of the team, played with on the couple of plays he had against Oklahoma. Which oh yeah, resulted in our only touchdown.

Let’s face it, this season is a wash, we’re not playing in the Big 12 championship, we’re not going to a good bowl game and we’re just not going to win very many more games. So play Greene.

This season can be salvaged if we give the future of our program the experience and time to actually learn how to play in, and run a college offense. It will be a breath of fresh air for the team, players, and fans who will get to see a high energy player with a ton of upside. Having Greene sit the bench benefits no one, especially not the future of the team.

Greene will never learn if he doesn’t play. How’s he supposed to hit his untapped, program changing potential if not given the chance? And who cares if he’s not ready to play, let his game show that. If he’s not the guy, then he’s not the guy, but at least we gave him a chance.

Continuing to stick with what we know in Doege hasn’t gotten us anywhere, so the best thing to do for the team is to go with Greene and let him develop into the next star of our team.