WVU’s Investment In Neal Brown


Photo Courtesy Chris Jackson / AP


Fans are fed up with the way the WVU Football program has been this season, but it is WAY too early to even discuss the firing of Neal Brown. There are two major reasons:

  1. He hasn’t had a full season with HIS players yet.
  2. WVU simply cannot pay his enormous buyout.

Neal Brown’s original contract had him with the Mountaineers through he 2024 season, but was extended this past spring through 2026. This contract through 2026 is worth roughly 19 million dollars. For reference, when former head coach Dana Holgerson signed his five year extension in 2016, it was worth 18.7 million dollars.

Needless to say, West Virginia has invested A LOT of money into Neal Brown. And they have done it in hopes he would build the program and win games. Unfortunately, that is not done overnight as some fans think it is.

But, even though a brand isn’t built overnight, there is zero excuse to be 2-4 in year three of Neal Brown. This is not West Virginia football. Players are leaving in droves, the fan base is more divided than ever, and the team isn’t winning games. This was not in the minds of Shane Lyons, Gordon Gee, and everyone else who calls the shots when they made this vast investment into Brown.

Let’s disregard the present predicament and let’s travel back to when WVU announced Brown as the new headman of WVU Football. Brown accepted a 6 year, 19.05 million dollar contract which made him the highest paid new Big 12 Coach.

West Virginia took this gamble because Neal Brown has proven he is a winner and a fighter. Three 10 win season and notable games against LSU (W 24-21) and Clemson (L 30-24).

Now, at 2-4, this investment is looking shaky. But there is still time. Neal’s first true recruiting class comes in next season. The next few seasons is where we will truly get an idea of the Neal Brown hype.