JJ Jones to West Virginia Rumors Heating Up

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Ever since the end of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, there have been rumors spreading online that North Carolina’s top wide receiver, JJ Jones, is possibly interested in transferring to play for the West Virginia Mountaineers. These rumors sparked because Jones and West Virginia starting quarterback Garrett Greene were seen in a long embrace and whispering in each other’s ears following the game. Although it could have simply been congratulating each other or wishing each other well, some have speculated that Greene was doing some early recruiting to bring Jones to West Virginia.

Since then, Jones has done some other things that have led to even more speculation about his interest in joining the Mountaineers. In addition to his on-the-field conversation with Greene, Jones has done the following since the Duke’s Mayo Bowl:

  • Had multiple interactions with Garrett Greene on social media
  • Has followed The Voice of Morgantown on X
  • Posted a very sentimental post on social media following the game that showed him in a WVU uniform as a child

Jones’ father Jon Jones played for the Mountaineers from 1990-1993, and rushed 251 times for 1,385 yards and 11 touchdowns during his collegiate career at West Virginia. Following the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, JJ Jones posted the image of him as a child dressed in a West Virginia uniform with the caption, “Definitely a moment my family and I won’t forget”, which led to even more speculation that he could be considering playing for the Mountaineers in the future.

JJ Jones, a former four star wide receiver from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was heavily recruited by the West Virginia coaching staff a few years ago but ultimately decided to play for the Tar Heels. This past season, he was perhaps North Carolina’s top wide receiver, finishing the year with 46 receptions, 711 yards (15.5 yards per catch) and 3 touchdowns. In the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, he had 4 catches for 53 yards and a remarkable touchdown reception.

Again, this could all be smoke with no real fire, but the reality in today’s world is that players can leave their current schools quickly and with little or no penalty. If Jones is in fact interested in joining Greene and the Mountaineers next season, it’s something that could happen quickly and easily.