Krik Herbstreit Makes Huge Bet With Pat McAfee on WVU Winning 6 Games

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — On an episode of The Pat McAfee Show over the summer, ESPN analyst/commentator Kirk Herbstreit went through West Virginia’s football schedule and predicted that the Mountaineers would finish 2-10 on the season. Herbstreit went on to say that, “if West Virginia wins more than six games, I’ll give you anything you want.”

McAfee, who said that the Mountaineers would “go on a national championship run”, laughed and took him up on on his offer, saying, “I’ll take the house, everything!”

With West Virginia currently 4-1 with 7 games remaining, it looks like a near certainty that the Mountaineers will win more than 6 games this season. Is Mr. Herbstreit ready to pay up?

Check out the full clip below: