Mountaineer Wrestling Champion Slams West Virginia Fans

Morgantown, West Virginia – Noah Adams, the West Virginia University redshirt junior wrestling champion, finished last season 32-0 at the 197 pound weight class.  Adams was one of the best, most accomplished wrestlers in the country and was named the Big 12 Conference “Wrestler of the Year.”

Today, Adams expressed his thoughts about Black Lives Matter and the reaction to it by the West Virginia fanbase.  Adams started his social media post by saying, “It pains me to look at media to find out that so many WVU fans don’t support what the football team is standing for and what the rest of us athletes stand for.”

Adams continued: “I will take my own stand.  Whatever success I may have throughout the entirety of my career will no longer be for you all.  It will be for myself and my family.  I think I speak for all athletes at WVU too when I say that we don’t need the “fans” anyway.  Frankly we don’t need anyone that is too ignorant or simple-minded to look past each other’s political views and see the bigger picture.”



Adams closed his message by saying, “I know not all police are bad and I get it…I have a lot of friends that are law enforcement.  But there are consistent acts of racial injustice still going on today.  To the loyal fans, this message isn’t for you so keep showing support and love because it won’t go unnoticed.  Thank you.”

Clearly, West Virginia athletes have seen the negative messages from West Virginians on social media and it has affected them in a very real way.  Adams speaks for many Mountaineer athletes when he says that he no longer competes for those “fans”, he wrestles for himself, his family and the real West Virginia fans.