Neal Brown “Encouraged” With Nicco Marchiol’s Latest Practice

WVU Head Coach Neal Brown spoke to the media about the quarterback position on Wednesday afternoon.

Morgantown, WV – Earlier today, WVU Head Coach Neal Brown spoke to the media following his team’s latest fall practice. As expected, Brown was asked about the quarterback position, and where that unit is at this point in time.

During his assessment of his signal-callers, one aspect of Brown’s discussion really stood out – his latest update on Nicco Marchiol.

Marchiol is locked in a starting quarterback battle with Garrett Greene as the Mountaineers head into the 2023 season. While Brown did not name the starter, he did state that he was “encouraged” with Marchiol’s latest bounce back on the practice field.


Here is what Browm had to say about Nicco Marchiol:

“Nicco is making growth as a redshirt freshman. Yesterday, about halfway through practice, was probably as poor decision making as he’s made. He was able to correct it, which I think is a sign of mental toughness. And he went a stretch there where he made some bad decisions, and then four out of his next six plays were explosive plays. And so to see him kind of take an ass chewing and to be able to bounce back, and answer – I was really encouraged with that.”

Marchiol, who will be a redshirt freshman in 2023, is still growing as a player. Of course he is going to make mistakes on the practice field, but his ability to bounce back, as pointed out by Brown, is an encouraging sign in general.

It shows that Marchiol is not susceptible to failure. He will not let it get to him. For him to come back from what Brown called an “ass chewing,” and put together a string of incredible plays like he did should only excite fans.

Brown stated that he is unsure of when he will name a starting quarterback. However, when he does, The Voice of Motown will bring you coverage of the decision.

(Photo by WVU Athletics)