Neal Brown Is Not Happy, Media Is Weak

Head Coach Neal Brown’s presser Tuesday afternoon was full of interesting quotes from the Mountaineer’s head coach. There is one takeaway we can all agree on: He. Is. Pissed.

While reflecting on the Texas Tech game, Brown sounded beat down and genuinely dejected. And I cannot say I blame him.

“How the hell do you not get ready to play one game a week?”

“I’m still pissed about how we played in the beginning of the game.”

Both of these quotes stood out to me. It is so encouraging to know that the head coach is fed up. Things do not need to be sugar coated at this point. Even though Neal had some strong comments, the questions the media asked were softballs.

When will coach Brown be asked questions we want to hear? I want to know why young guys like Sam Brown haven’t touched the field. We saw what he could do in the bowl game last season. Why isn’t he playing? Why isn’t the young talent on this team seeing the field? The biggest of all: WHAT WAS THE OFFSEASON HYPE ABOUT? He is not being asked these questions and for what reason? It’s ridiculous how weak the media has been on Neal Brown.

You can watch the full press conference here: