Neal Brown Should Not Be Allowed to Finish The Season

Morgantown, West Virginia – There are a lot of reasons to allow Neal Brown to continue to finish the season; his ludicrous contract buyout, there’s only one game left, it’s too late to fix the mess, etc. But ultimately, if I were West Virginia University Gordon Gee, Neal Brown would be fired directly after this embarrassing, humiliating loss to Kansas State today.

West Virginia is the least disciplined, worst-coached team in college football and the on-the-field performance is absolutely unacceptable. The team has clearly given up on their coach and continuing this disaster will only make things more challenging moving forward.

The Mountaineers play next weekend at Oklahoma State and they have literally no chance of winning that game. Oklahoma State is undefeated at home this year and is the 24th ranked team in the nation. West Virginia will likely be anywhere from a 17 to 21 point underdog and they have nothing left to play for right now.

However, getting rid of Brown right now and moving forward with an interim while actively seeking Brown’s eventual replacement would breathe fresh air into this team. It would give them hope for the future. Getting slaughtered next weekend at Oklahoma State does nothing but put off the inevitable.

Neal Brown does not deserve to finish the season. He deserves to be the first West Virginia coach in several decades to be fired during the season. In addition, the players and the fans deserve to move forward and start fresh before it’s too late.

Fire Neal Brown and fire him right now.  

No one wants to hear his excuses in his post game press conferences anymore. No one wants to hear about his plans for next week. We want him gone and we want him gone right now.