Neal Brown Slammed For Poor Performance

Morgantown, West Virginia – National college football analyst Josh Pate has a YouTube show called “The Late Kick” and on this show, he has a segment called “Head Coach Approval Ratings.”

West Virginia’s Neal Brown was his subject for the segment yesterday and Pate absolutely lit the Mountaineers’ head coach up and expressed precisely what a large portion of the fanbase feels about Brown.

Here’s what Pate had to say about Neal Brown:

“West Virginia is in a bad, bad place. Neal Brown, I hate to do it. But this is a D- performance. This is as bad of a current Power 5 performance as we’re seeing out there.

We always want to set a baseline and set the expectations should be at a program. And sometimes fans are getting mad and the reality is that their expectation level is too high. That is not the case at West Virginia. If you are a West Virginia fan, you should be mad. Neal Brown arrives in 2018-2019, the previous 17 years, West Virginia appeared in the Top 25 in 16 of those 17 years. They have not appeared there a week since then. Not once. That’s nowhere near good enough. They were next to last in scoring offense and defense last year. They were last in the Big 12 in turnover margin. They’re 3-12 against Top 25 teams. They have one winning season under Brown and that was the COVID year. That’s D- level performance.

Frankly, I thought he was going to be gone after last year. Most people in the industry did. Honestly, there were a lot of people in the building here telling me that D- was too high and that Brown’s performance has really been an F.”

And…that about sums it up! Neal Brown has been an absolute failure during his time at West Virginia and he should be held accountable.