Travis Kelce Believes Mayonnaise Dumped on Neal Brown Was Not Real Mayo

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Following West Virginia’s impressive 30-10 victory over the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, Mountaineers’ head coach Neal Brown took a mayonnaise bath when 5 pounds of mayo was dumped on his head.

Or did he?

According to Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end and co-host of the New Heights podcast, Travis Kelce, the mayonnaise dumped on Neal Brown was not real mayo. “That’s not thick. That’s not real, thick mayo. That’s fake mayo,” Kelce said. “That’s yellow paint. That’s not mayo. They knew they couldn’t dump mayo on someone because they would probably throw up. Mayo has a way different consistency than this stuff. I call B.S. that this was real mayo. Definitely not real mayo.”