National Analyst Says Garrett Greene is “Nothing Special”

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Bud Elliott, an analyst at 247 Sports, recently released his way-too-early Top 25 rankings and the West Virginia Mountaineers were nowhere to be found.

When asked about why he left the Mountaineers out of his Top 25, Elliott intially responded by saying, “A lot of push back on West Virginia. My ratings basically see them as an OK team that ran great in some close games but importantly caught some teams at the right time with QB and other injury problems. I also don’t use bowls in my ratings.”

When pushed to further explain, Elliott said the following: “I was on your win total over this year. Kinda decent team that had the chance to win some close games and did. Good bet. Don’t see talent there though. Some experience. (I) like Neal Brown.”

Elliott was obviously questioned in the comment section by several West Virginia fans about his comment that he doesn’t “see talent at West Virginia”, he fired back by claiming that returning starting quarterback Garrett Greene isn’t anything special.

“No, Greene is nothing special to me. I hope they do get a lot of hype so I can fade the hype. I backed them hard this year when everyone said he would be fired.”

This, of course, is an ignorant, lazy analysis. Garrett Greene was exceptional this past season, throwing for 2,406 yards, 16 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions while rushing 120 times for 772 yards and 13 touchdowns. Greene will undoubtedly be one of the most dangerous offensive players in the Big 12 Conference and also one of the very best quarterbacks in the conference, but his statistics aren’t the only thing that makes his “special.” Greene is an outstanding leader and one of the finest Mountaineers ever.