Pat McAfee Discusses Bringing Rich Rod Back to West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Former West Virginia punter/kicker Pat McAfee now hosts his own talk show and he discussed the Mountaineers’ loss at Penn State on today’s show.

“West Virginia fans are about done with old Neal Brown,” McAfee said. “Because he’s several years in and it should not be such a miracle to think that we could beat Penn State this far into his tenure. We’re in the Big 12. We’ve got a lot of money. We’ve got an NIL thing that spends money.”

McAfee continued: “If they lose to Duquesne next week at home, they should take his visor on the field. Six years in, this is all your people, this is all your culture. We’re a Big 12 school and we’ve had a lot of success against top schools. He’s in charge of winning games and like, building and instead it’s like a MAC school is going to play against Penn State. That’s how people see it and that’s not good either.”

Rich Rodriguez’s name came up as a potential replacement for Brown in the future: “Rich Rod is who a lot of people want. Dude, if he were to go back to West Virginia, I know one thing, if James Franklin scores with 6 seconds left, old Rich Rod would be on a beeline headed straight for Franklin with his right hand. He won 49-3 at Jacksonville State this last weekend. I think my big realization is that we should have a real chance of winning that game at Penn State and we didn’t.”

Watch the full clip below: